V&A web site_draft4H _120109.inddChallenging economic conditions, evolving demographic patterns, combined with strong environmental awareness; has resulted in a need to re-evaluate the underlying physical, market, financial and political assumptions associated with real estate assets and facilities. Landowners, developers, asset managers and lenders now confront a dynamic real estate market that includes: mandated environmental regulation, restricted financing, and underperforming assets requiring a re-positioning of real estate holdings.

Vogel & Associates’ portfolio of strategic planning experience, combined with the services outlined below, can be utilized during the due diligence phase with regard to potential property acquisition, disposition, re-positioning and re-capitalization.


Project Positioning and Programming

  • Development Program & Analysis and Differentiation
  • Project Position and Differentiation
  • Economic, Social, & Environmental Sustainability Analysis and Evaluation
  • Energy Efficient Community and Facility Analysis 

Strategic Master Planning

  • Conceptual Framework Plan
  • Conceptual Land Use Plan
  • Commercial and Residential Density Yield Analysis
  • Entitlement Strategy and Public Outreach/Communication Programs
  • Development Absorption and Phasing Plan 

Property Analysis and Evaluation

  • Entitlement Research & Evaluation, Zoning, Platting and Approval Process
  • Environmental Evaluation (Mandate Laws & Tax Incentives)
  • Development Suitability Analysis (Physical Carrying Capacity of the Land)

Integrated Planning with Innovative Solutions.

Vogel & Associates is a professional planning and design firm that includes an established team of professionals
dedicated to providing integrated and innovative solutions that are implemented by providing a high level of service
and extensive expertise.


Real Estate Feasibility Projects