XS Ranch
Bastrop County, Texas

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Bastrop County, Texas
XS Ranch
Bastrop County, Texas

Project Description

Real Estate Feasibility

  • Project Positioning and Programming
    • Visioning
    • Master Design Standards & Guidelines
  • Property Analysis and Evaluation
    • Development Entitlements and Agreement
    • Development Suitability
  • Strategic Master Planning
    • Conceptual Framework Plan
    • Yield Analysis Plan
    • Development Plan

  • Master Landscape Plan
  • Parks & Open Space Plan

  • 8,715 Acres
  • Expansive Bluffs and Pastures with Approximately Two Miles of Lower Colorado River Frontage
  • Clustered Development Areas with Large Contiguous Open Space and Ranch Pasture
  • Preserve the Legacy and Maintain the Working Ranch
  • Large Contiguous Open Space with 70 Miles of Master Community Trails
  • Integrated Diversity of Housing Types with 7,007 units
  • River Club
  • Boutique Resort Hotel

Project Details