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Vogel & Associates is a professional planning and design firm that includes an established team of professionals dedicated to providing integrated and innovative solutions that are implemented by providing a high level of service and extensive expertise.  A strategic planning approach is applied that ensures that environmental, economic, social and cultural considerations are integrated with each unique project in a balanced and viable manner.

By utilizing a small multi-disciplinary studio approach, in collaboration with nationally recognized design consultants and specialists, Vogel & Associates is able to provide services ranging from initial strategic consultation on land planning and development issues to long range comprehensive planning, design and project management.

The established team of Vogel & Associates has extensive experience in integrated planning and design as required to master plan, design and re-position projects in this new and evolving real estate market.  Services include integrated land planning, urban design, landscape architecture, adaptive-reuse planning, energy efficient community design and real estate feasibility.

This diversity of professional experience, involving a variety of geographic locations, combined with the firm’s holistic approach to the practice of planning and design, has resulted in numerous nationally recognized mixed use, residential, education, recreation and resort community projects.  Our commitment to implementing the vision established for each project along with our high-level of service has resulted in several long-term community and client relationships.

Team Members

Mr. Vogel is a land planner and landscape designer with over 30 years of domestic and international planning and design experience.  Jeff’s career has included providing professional planning and landscape design services with firms specializing in community planning, environmental planning, urban design, smart energy planning and adaptive re-use planning for private real estate firms, local, state and federal government agencies including the National Park Service.    Jeff founded Vogel & Associates, where his professional interest and practice is on strategic planning and environmental design for a variety of projects including resort, parks & recreation, residential, commercial, education and mixed-use communities. Each unique project has required a balanced and integrated approach to ensure that the project vision, goals and objectives are achieved. Jeff has provided professional planning, landscape architecture, and design services throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Latin America.

Over the years Jeff has applied a creative and sensitive design approach to a variety of unique domestic and international projects. His professional practice has included planning vital mixed-use/lifestyle centers, residential communities, destination resorts, legacy ranch properties, health and wellness communities. Jeff’s commitment to design excellence, leadership and professionalism has become hallmarks of the firm’s practice.

Roberta is a talented land planner and landscape architect whose education and experience qualify her to work at all levels in the profession from designing vibrant new communities to intimate outdoor living spaces.  Her passion for preserving the natural attributes of a site is balanced with a commitment to balance the client’s vision with the inherent characteristics of the site.  Roberta’s experience ranges from mixed use, residential, and commercial master planning assignments to landscape master plans and detailed landscape design.  She has worked on projects in the western United States, Italy, Canada and Mexico and on many of the firm’s largest and most influential projects.

Roberta’s landscape planning and detailed landscape designs are regionally responsive while celebrating the local climate and culture. With a long history of designing drought tolerant landscapes in the southwest, she embraces and utilizes native plants to create beautiful and sustainable outdoor environments which range in size from individual residences to resorts and community master plans. As a Master Community Gardener she is skilled at incorporating community and wellness gardens where ever practical in both residential, community and resort plans.

Her more recent planning assignments include preparing a master plan for a 9,000 acre project that included a mixed use and “Smart Energy” industrial park and a 10,000 acre residential project.  Roberta’s planning experience includes large-scale feasibility, site analysis, site planning, and entitlement assignments. Additionally her experience has included all aspects of project management and all facets of project planning ranging from site reconnaissance to final master plan design.

Moriah has experience working as a Landscape Architect in Washington, DC for two years where she worked on multiple high-rise residential developments, governmental buildings, educational campus’s, and mixed-use master planning. She earned her bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia and spent much of her undergraduate studying internationally in Italy and Costa Rica.

Moriah hopes to create practical, yet highly-functional and detail-oriented spaces that capture the historical and cultural nature of a site. Her passion is most importantly to create such spaces with a sense of place in the midst of anything from highly urban settings to a blank canvas surrounded by open space. She has been involved with Land Planning for one year now at Vogel & Associates.

In her spare time, she enjoys photography, biking and yoga. She recently spent 40 days in Europe where she lived at an Ashram in the Netherlands, earning her 200hr yoga teachers’ certificate, using her hobbies as a means of enjoyment and a way of life as well as inspiration for her work and dedication to her career.

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