Land Planning

Vogel & Associates utilizes an integrated and holistic approach to master planning to ensure that environmental, economic, social, and cultural components are addressed and incorporated into each project in a cohesive, sustainable, and economically responsible manner.  This integrated approach includes incorporating “Smart Growth” and sustainable principles while maintaining the short and long-term viability of each project.


  • Conservation Trusts & Easements
  • Smart Energy Communities
  • Regional & Community Conservation
  • Shareholder Return
  • Economic Vitality
  • Community Outreach
  • Human Health & Safety
  • Adaptive Reuse
  • Communities & Education
  • Resource Stewardship
  • Resource Preservation
  • Community Stewardship
  • Sustainable Construction Practices
Nautical Beach Resort

Real Estate Feasibility


Challenging economic conditions, evolving demographic patterns, combined with strong environmental awareness; has resulted in a need to re-evaluate the underlying physical, market, financial and political assumptions associated with real estate assets and facilities. Landowners, developers, asset managers and lenders now confront a dynamic real estate market that includes: mandated environmental regulation, restricted financing, and underperforming assets requiring a repositioning of real estate holdings.

Vogel & Associates’ portfolio of strategic planning experience, combined with the services outlined below, can be utilized during the due diligence phase with regard to potential property acquisition, disposition, repositioning and re-capitalization.


  • Development Program & Analysis and Differentiation
  • Project Position and Differentiation
  • Economic, Social, & Environmental Sustainability Analysis and Evaluation
  • Energy Efficient Community and Facility Analysis
  • Entitlement Research & Evaluation, Zoning, Platting and Approval Process
  • Environmental Evaluation
  • Development Suitability Analysis (Physical Carrying Capacity of the Land)

Development Consulting


Establishing and executing a strategic implementation plan for each project further reinforces the short and long-term viability of each community or facility. Incorporating planning and implementation strategies related to development programming, project management, entitlement processing and approval will ensure that economic, environmental and social objectives are achieved with each phase of the project.

Vogel & Associates continues to work in conjunction with the client and development team on providing the services outlined.


  • Consulting Team Formation and Coordination
  • Planning and Design Team ManagementCommunity Outreach Facilitation and Management
  • Value Engineering and Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Project Bidding and Award Process
  • Construction Administration
  • Visioning and Programming Work Sessions (Manage and Facilitate)
  • Marketing and Financial Feasibility Coordination
  • Character and Identity Analysis and Concepts
  • Marketing & Branding Concepts and Coordination
  • Design Standards and Guidelines
  • Smart Growth, NAHB & LEED Development Audit and Evaluation
  • Entitlement Research and Analysis
  • Project Approval Strategy and Schedule
  • Prepare and Coordinate Submittal Approval Documents
  • Coordinate with Approval Agencies and Stakeholders
  • Conduct Community Outreach Meetings and Public Hearings

Landscape Architecture


Vogel & Associates utilizes an integrated design approach to create landscapes that celebrate the region, enhance the environment, reinforce functionality and remain economically viable.  Creating landscapes that reinforce the character of each unique location requires a comprehensive understanding of the short and long term requirements of implementing and sustaining each landscape.  This integrated design approach includes addressing and incorporating sustainable implementation and maintenance strategies that are cost effective for the installation team and the long-term stewards of the landscape.


  • Local Landscape Palette
  • Enhance Wild Life Habitat
  • Design for Local Climate
  • Preserve Green Infrastructure
  • Utilize Native & Adapted Plants
  • Preserve Sensitive Environments
  • Adaptive Reuse
  • Working Landscapes
  • Resource Conservation & Recycling
  • Water Wise Landscapes
  • Low Maintenance Landscapes
  • Utilize Indigenous Materials